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tmallen: Just registered as I am looking to purchase a BB, I have one in particular that I am awaiting more information on. In the meantime, anyone got one for sale or know anyone who has, please send me details. Thanks Apr 22, 2020 10:39:07 GMT
Kev: How easy is it to remove body from chassic? Apr 23, 2020 18:37:51 GMT
ayrbugger: Kev, Open up forum and go to bond bug problems...there is a section re removal of body. You'll need three strong blokes or as I did a hoist and a support frame, and a strong beam in your garage to hang it all off. Apr 26, 2020 9:57:10 GMT
bugged: Hi does anyone know what the original top seat belt hooks looked like or have a photo want to make or source one as close to original as I can. thanks guys Apr 28, 2020 14:53:00 GMT
mothball: Where can I get a N/S rear brake back plate (3 holes) May 1, 2020 8:32:54 GMT
V8 Bug: I owned bought a bug in 1972 and had 3 years of fun with it. Around that time I saw an article about a number of bugs that had been fitted with V8 engines for an Arab prince. I think this was done in Wales. Anyone know anything about these? May 4, 2020 8:59:22 GMT
Rg: Brakes the same has mini May 9, 2020 20:52:21 GMT
Old boy: Hi, can anyone explain the 2 earthing systems please. I,m ok with bolt to engine method but the C earthing Is a puzzle ! May 10, 2020 15:34:26 GMT
stan: Hi,tmallen, May 10, 2020 15:40:17 GMT
stan: I will be selling my Bug, I had it for about 4-5 years and getting a wee bit to old to crawl underneath. May 10, 2020 15:41:48 GMT
Eartthing: Hello anybody, still no reply about cable earthing explanation. I would be happy with at least I don't know as I'm seeing tumble weeds on this forum. May 16, 2020 15:49:33 GMT
Eartthing: please help ! May 16, 2020 15:49:55 GMT
karl: If you don't get a reply, post on the main forum May 16, 2020 19:22:21 GMT
Stiffy: Your better of posting a question on the forum. One earth goes to the chassis from the battery negative. Then anther goes fro the wiring loom onto a bolt ontop of the gearbox cover. :-) May 17, 2020 19:30:59 GMT
stan: Karl,Stiffy, thanks very much, I'm new to this site and I though that t I was on forum. May 18, 2020 5:55:16 GMT
stan: I'm not sure if using this system right can any one advise pleas. Dope bugger May 20, 2020 18:45:50 GMT
stan: Hi, Karl May 23, 2020 9:44:25 GMT
stan: did you get details . May 23, 2020 9:44:42 GMT
alpine6969: Looking for bushes for rear trailing arms pushed the rubber bush out but looks lo May 25, 2020 19:43:50 GMT
alpine6969: Looking for bushes for rear trailing arms pushed the rubber bushes out but looks like a metal sleeve in there, does this need to come out ? Not sure what the dimensions are looks like 24 mm with sleeve in and maybe 26 ish without May 25, 2020 19:48:04 GMT
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